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It is deadly and illegal in almost all states to stop and get out to measure
a low clearance on any freeway.
Take all the guesswork and pain out of running a high pole escort car.

BlitzTransport High Pole laser TM measures the structure or low hanging obstacle at
highway speed with a digital dash mounted readout in split second accuracy.
Blitz laser technology reads exact height with an accuracy of 0.1 inches within a
range of 50 feet even in bright sunlight, traveling 60-70 mph.
It can detect fog vapor at 300 feet straight up.

Magnetic roof or hood mounted laser brackets, with 12 volt cigarette lighter power
plug and play, rugged all weather laser case can be used on any vehicle of any size.

Just enter your road surface to laser measurement and you are set for immediate
low clearance route survey or super load delivery in progress.
No calibrating or time lost testing.  
Readout shows total height from road to overhead object.
One inch high digital numeral LED readout is easy to see.
Foot and inches, all inches, or Metric readout switch.
Can be moved to another car or truck or boat and ready in under 10 minutes.
Marine Vessel tide and load draft bridge clearance
No more heavy pole to lift, mount, adjust, or worry about breaking
No more outrageous highpole car insurance premiums
No more doubting someones old notes

What is the cost of taking out a bridge or a life?
Due to liability, most States and Provinces are removing low clearance signs
that once warned us of a declared height issues.
BlitzTransport High Pole laser TM
measures power and telephone lines, bridges,
RR trestles, overpasses, signs and light
standards, etc.

BlitzTransport High Pole laser TM
is only available for purchase thru this website or calling
Want more info?
Government and State Highway Departments Tested.  
Police and Commercial Escort / Pilots new standard in equipment

This is NOT your cheap uncertified hardware store measuring device.
Designed by OVERSIZE LOAD Pilots for OVERSIZE LOAD Pilots and law enforcement.
Non-interference with radio communications  
Optional GPS interface to record route obstruction data for referencing later
Infarred beams do not affect aircraft
No calibration required ever
High and low settings for fog conditions
System is on full-time with virtually nothing to break or wear out
Wireless option: pilotcar
onheight data transfer direct to truck without any voice relaying
Simple alarm reset and test controls
Multiple bridge beam recognition measures all and records lowest clearance
24 hour replacement program to keep you in command
This load of five, was 42 feet high and hauled in reverse gear.            
You cannot measure a powerline for fear of electrocution
You cannot transport a load under power transmission lines without a
minumum ten feet of electrocution
narc jump space
How are you going to know without the Blitz HighPole Laser ?